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Armstrong Biocorp is a globe spanning medical research group responsible for many brakethroughs in viral, parasitic and bacterial threats to sentient life on the planet. Founded in 2597 by a wealthy group of entreprenurs. Hemmis Armstrong, a well known transport tycoon. Celeste Viper, a Driscollian countess and Mitri Toan, a biochemist with revolutionary new theories on the betterment of medicine.

The very first research center was built on Vipers Amediac Estate, and was funded by Armstrong. Five years later, Toan had discovered a new painkiller he called Mixture D2. This was the groups first medical and financial success and was but a taste of things to come. The group eventually established another research center in Numewald, close to Snowblak, where it was able to study a whole new range of potential medicine hidden deep in the country's frozen forests.

The group eventually went public in 2621 and with a new source of income, new branches sprung up in almost every country in the world. Today, Armstrong is amongst the formost in medical technology, especially in the fields of viral study, shying away from it's strong roots in preventative medicine.

Known Breakthroughs:Edit

- The identification of over 200 infectious diseases that are hazardous to sentient life forms.

- Vital breakthroughs in vaccines for listis ireggularis, enembola uris and quistan malara.

- Now a major front for genetic engineering and research in the extension of sentient lifespan.


Has been accused on several occasions of severe lack of ethics, especially those pertaining to the sanctity of sentient life. On each occasion, the company has successfully defended itself.

There was an outburst in 2650 due to the power consumption of Armstrong’s constant, global network and its possible effect on the environment. The company responded to the allegations by stating that the information network has a single, environmentally friendly, dedicated power source. The Global Environmental Committee has released a statement claiming it is satisfied with Armstrong’s fuel consumption.