Black Scar was a result of genetic testing in Elmsbridge City and became one of the worst incidents in history. Originally designed as a performance enhancer by PLACEHOLDER, Black Scar was designed to cause heightened awareness and muscle growth. However, the experiment was leaked and infected a young researcher named Catherine Requiem. From there the disease spread to eventually infect all but 20% of Elmsbridge.


Black Scar victims are instantly identifiable by their bloodshot irises and large black blotches on their skin, which is what gives the deadly virus its name. Often victims will become dazed and aggressive, and their heart rates increase dramatically. In later stages of the virus the victim loses all concept of humanity and becomes little more than a mindless, aggressive animal.


In cases Black Scar does not develop into its later stages, and ironically victims with a higher immune system will die very quickly- their cells will perform apatosis in order to rid themselves of the virus- this was in fact a planned feature designed to kill off foreign bacteria, but instead it turned on itself to kill the victims. In other cases the high heart rate would cause heart attacks and organ failures.


The virus was initially passed to Catherine through accidental vapour inhalation, who was treated in New Mercy Hospital. All who treated her and lay around her were infected, and naturally this illness passed incredibly quickly. The Virus was believed to be spread airborne and by physical contact. Miraculously, no other Requiem family member aside from Brom Requiem were infected.


As a result of the mass hysteria and almost zombie-like activity of the victims, a state of emergency was declared and Elmsbridge was put on lockdown- survivors were airlifted away and treated, by both the military and members of Edge. The infected population were kept at bay by Chainlink Special Forces, until the city was clear of evacuees and it was nuked. The Black Scar Incident is commonly regarded as one of the worst national incidents of all time.