Dice Cavok
Name Dice Nikolai Cavok
Species Ardente
Gender Male
Date of Birth 03/12/2646
Birthplace Idlewind, Viridia


Abilities and AptitudeEdit

Incredibly sneaky, and able to lie his way out of almost anything. Very acrobatic and agile. He has basic hacking knowledge, and basic lock picking skills. Also as a Natural Ardente Dice is fireproof, and his body temperature is a little over 600 degrees which means his blood if spilled on a non-natural Ardente, and others can cause burns.


Being skinny means he can't take too many hits, and can be tossed like a rag doll. Also his own disregard for his own safety means that he will most likely keep fighting until he dies or goes unconscious whatever comes first.

Personal FactsEdit


White Highwind,

Light Tsukino,

Lisa Hart.


Kraus Allister (Not really a rival, rather he just really really wants to see his head severed and use it as a marionette.)


Enemies: Anyone who survived one of his bombings, and Kraus Allister.

Known RelativesEdit

Evan Conners (Father, dead.),

Lucy Conners (Mother, Dead.)


Causing a ruckus, tea, bang bang sticks, early morning, a nice friendly girl, a man with a beard.


Getting shot (Who does?), people who hate his tie, most people in general.

Gourmet of ChoiceEdit


Beverage of ChoiceEdit

Tea, V-Jolt energy drink.

Favourite ColoursEdit

Red, white, black, and orange.

Physical Appearance Edit

Dice has to wear coolant underclothing to keep his body temperature in check it is black tight clothing that covers his upper body up to his elbows, the underwear part covers from his waist to his knees. Dice will most likely choose "classy" attire that will incorporate a tie somehow to go over his coolant underclothing. His clothing however is tailor made and outfitted with compartments for magazines, and weapon holsters. One of Dice’s favorite outfits is a short sleeved collared shirt with a tie and a vest over the shirt and slacks that are baggy towards the bottom and spats. An alternative to the Vest outfit is a white long sleeve collared shirt, with a tie and a black long sleeved collared shirt over it (Dice detests the shoulders of a blazer) to replicate a suit, along with Slacks once again baggy towards the bottom but low tops sneakers that are usually suede. Dice will almost always wear bandages on his forearms to hide his scars from his time in Northstar as well.


The Mathilda U19 silenced pistol,

CR.90 submachine gun equipped with silencer,

Smithey Gun (Tommy Gun expy),

(Blacktail) Silent Revolver.


Skimmer (Silent hover bike)


"Showmanship" 1.1 hours Ska/Punk/Jazz/Alternative/Metal

1."M.I.A" By Avenged Sevenfold

2."The Yeah Yeah Yeah song" By The Flaming Lips

3."Take a Bow" By Muse

4."Special Delivery" By The Offspring

5."We Are The Few" By Streetlight Manifesto

6."So Let's Go Nowhere" By The Arrogant Sons of Bitches

7."They Provide The Paint For The Picture Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Insides Of Your Eyelids" By The Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

8."Tank!" By The Seatbelts

9."Would You Be Impressed?" By Streetlight Manifesto

10."Point/Counterpoint" By Streetlight Manifesto

11."Sing, Sing, Sing" By Benny Goodman

12."We Will Fall Together" By Streetlight Manifesto

13."Keasbey Nights" By Streetlight Manifesto

14."One Foot On The Gas, One Foot In The Grave" By Streetlight Manifesto

15."The Big Sleep" By Streetlight Manifesto