Doctor Helix
Name Dr. Jack Chirality MD, 'Doctor Helix'
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Date of Birth 09/20/2- - -
Birthplace Yacoba, Molonda


Abilities and AptitudeEdit

Advanced Combat-Medic Training:

Helix has advanced combat-medic training from his time with his previous team. These skills range from dealing with cuts, burns, broken limbs, poisons, diseases and bullet wounds. His work rivals the best, even in deep combat.

Medical Degree

After Helix left the mercenary business, he returned to college to pursue a career in medicine. He received his full degree six years later, vastly improving his already incredible medic skills.

Personalized Physical Combat Style

Helix fights using a personalized, custom fighting style created by him during the duration of the time he spent with his old unit, vastly improved with the help of the team. It revolves around fighting with hook-shaped (Namely: Canes, hooks, picks) weapons to push and pull the opponent, giving them little time to fight back. The style is incredibly effective against up to two people, but after that point overpowering Helix becomes incredibly easy. Helix combines it with quick strikes to vital areas to maximize effectiveness.


Guilt: Helix feels vastly responsible for the death of most of his team mates, and especially guilty about Kij'amar, who lost most mental capability due to saving Helix from the brunt of a mutation. Being reminded of such things leaves Helix shaken and emotional.

Physical Limits: With the increased healing rate comes a decreased physical limit. Excessive swimming, running or other physical activities wear him out faster than others.

Personal FactsEdit


Kij'amar: The only survivor of the mutagen incident that left Helix with his heightened healing rate. Kij'amar was a originally a very talented spy, locksmith and intelligence agent, but the mutagens left him mentally crippled, a fact Helix feels guilty for. Helix usually winds up visiting Kij'amar several times a month

"Crazy" Ivan: Another member of Helix's old mercenary group. Ivan was next in line for Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas Spearman's position, but he had suffered a broken leg at the time and was running intelligence. After the accident, he moved to Hauswinterswald to become a member of the S.W.A.T. police force. Helix and Ivan keep in touch regularly, but barely visit each other.

White Highwind: Shortly following the events of Sons of Fenrir, White invites Helix to join Freelance. The two remain good friends and allies.


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The Sons of Fenrir: A large terrorist organization working with the PRL to secure Molonda's government. Responsible for the HELIX Bomb, which destroyed a small city in Molonda.

Known RelativesEdit

Kate and John Chirality: Helix's mother died during childbirth, and his father died around the time Helix graduated high school, which actually encouraged Helix to become a merc.


Reading: The majority of Helix's free time is spent reading through his personal collection of books. Helix has often tried to spread his talent to writing books of his own, but hes had little success.

Cooking: One of the passtimes Helix is actually capable of. Be it small meals or elaborate dinners. He shared the skill with Nicholas Spearman before his death. Afterwards, Helix took it up as a creational medium.


Arrogance: Helix has always been a fan of standing back until there is a suitable course of action. Seeing others blindly rush in makes a dull impression.

Swimming: Mostly from being a physically demanding, life-threatening task, Helix has trouble swimming due to his mutation. Helix can swim, its just a matter of how long.

Gourmet of ChoiceEdit

Despite a constantly changing appetite, Helix has always had something for bacon cheeseburgers.

Beverage of ChoiceEdit

Water, or light sodas

Favourite ColoursEdit

Sharp, contrasting colors

Physical AppearanceEdit

Helix is a black hedgehog, with messy hair and bright green eyes. His typical attire consists of dark colored outfits underneath either an olive drab trenchcoat, a camouflage trenchcoat, or a doctor's labcoat. His shoes are white with green soles. His physical appearance has remained virtually halted as of the mutagen incident.


Most of Helix's weapons are Police grade or from custom producers, such as the Gunsmith.



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