Dusk Requiem
Name Seth 'Dusk' Requiem
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 26th 2648
Birthplace Mercy Hospital, Elmsbridge, Driscoll


Abilities & AptitudeEdit

Dusk's most obvious asset is his proficiency with a wide degree of firearms. His accuracy is slightly better than the average soldier, and he likes to make every shot count- Dusk is rather conservative with his ammo, preferring semi-automatic weaponry almost 90% of the time. He is knowledgeable in maintenance and makes a point of disassembling and reassembling every major firearm he uses, learning their strengths and weaknesses, and precisely how they work.

As with most mercenaries, Dusk has a good grasp of tactics and is very adaptable with his methods. He is a keen diplomat, actually often preferring to solve problems through diplomacy long before his gun is drawn. However, he has a fixed breaking point to which he will give no more chances at a peaceful outcome.

He knows basic first aid and survival skills, typical of most soldiers. Dusk is also a fairly proficient knife-fighter and has trained himself in various degrees of hand to hand combat, particularly Krav Maga and Judo. Most of the time, however, his fighting is loose and without form.


Jack of Trades: Being generally a skirmisher and well-rounded at his profession, Dusk fails to specialise in any particular department (other than, perhaps, hand-to-hand.). Because of this, Dusk can sometimes get outmatched, and in these situations Dusk fills a support role perfectly.

Bad driving: Dusk was always a keen hiker, so he never really saw the need in learning how to drive. He postponed this for some time until his training in UMONG forced a course upon him- regrettably, Dusk was never particularly good. However, he is decent on a motorcycle.

Stubborn: Dusk can often be stubborn and rash to the point of disobeying direct orders, sometimes endangering others as a result. If he believes he is right, he will stick with that belief no matter what.

Personal factsEdit


Blake Rainfall: A childhood friend of Dusk's who left to find his fame as a mercenary. Ironically, he and Dusk bumped into each other in-training and even performed a few missions together, before Blake was selected for Chainlink. It is suspected it is Blake who put the good word in about Dusk.

Wedge Birling: Another old friend of Dusk, Wedge's dark humour, sharp sarcasm and sometimes venomous wit makes him one of Dusk's favourite partners for verbal sparring. Wedge didn't make it into the mercenary life, but works within the media and has served as Dusk's contact on numerous occasions.

Elton Merkuvino: Dusk and Merku first crossed paths within UMONG and became firm friends and training partners, so when Dusk learnt of Merku's eventual move into Freelance, he was both pleased and surprised at the coincidence.

Huzelos VonKarma: Another of Dusk's friends from UMONG, Huzelos served as chief field medic in his assessment squad. Somewhat of a big-brother figure within the group, Dusk still keeps in contact with his old ally.

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White Highwind: The two holding a somewhat tense rivalry since their first meeting, Dusk has great respect for White, despite often feeling like everything White does/says is a challenge to beat.

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Dusk has no significant long term enemies. His job is his job with no hard feelings.

Known RelativesEdit

Gabriel Requiem: Dusk's father is a mechanic, running a small but adequate family business. Gabriel was slightly disappointed in his son's lack of interest in cars, though built him his first motorcycle for his 19th birthday. Dusk and Gabriel share a very close bond, as with most father/son relationships.

Catherine Requiem [nee. Reinhardt]: Dusk's mother is a researcher working for HiPharm and has been very supportive, if over-protective, of her family. Often overworked and stressed, Catherine's absence as a mother through the early stages of Dusk's life are prominent.

Sarah Requiem: Dusk's younger sister by six years. Dusk is naturally very over-protective of Sarah, dealing with her childhood bullies in a rather over-the-top way. Despite this, Sarah and Dusk maintain a close sibling bond.

Brom Requiem: Catherine's father and a retired member of the Elmsbridge Police Department, it was Brom that served as Dusk's primary role model as a child. Brom pretty much raised Dusk more than his own parents did, and as a result Dusk's ambition through his later life was to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. However, Brom expressed his frustration at the bureaucracy of the PD, and as a result of Brom's scorn, shortly following his grandfather's death from a terminal illness, Dusk decided to seek fortune and adventure as a mercenary.

Likes/Favorite activitiesEdit

Adventure: Dusk is a wanderer at heart and is never happy staying still. Throughout his childhood he vowed to never fall into the monotony of everyday life, and so far Dusk would consider his promise kept.

Food: Thanks to Dusk's abnormal metabolism, he is a keen connoisseur. Nothing makes him happier than a good meal and a full stomach.

Dusters: Dusk loves his coat as he would a living being. Dusk is willing to spend ridiculous amounts of time and money on keeping his coat in top condition, and would be rather annoyed if someone ruined it. All the more reason to dislike getting shot.

Night-Owl: Somewhat stereotypically, Dusk is a fan of the night-time and the moonlight, often trudging off at godless hours on a quiet walk.

Summertime: Despite his love of the night time, Dusk equally loves a hot summers day, hating cold and rainy days due to them restricting things he may want to do.

Dislikes/Least favorite activitiesEdit

Sore Loser: Dusk hates being beaten at anything, and will often be rather sour about it for a long time.

Gossip: If there's one thing Dusk hates the most, it's other people getting in on business they shouldn't (which is technically his job, but...). Nothing drives him up the wall more than trashy magazines and newspapers reporting on the latest scandal.

Cleaning: Although he would consider himself a 'free spirit' other people may consider Dusk to be somewhat of a slob when it comes to the state of his living quarters. Beer bottles, pizza boxed and dirty laundry make up most of the floorspace.

Gourmet of choice:Edit

If he had to settle, it'd be a good steak with peppercorn sauce, or very spicy chicken.

Beverage of choice:Edit

Dusk is a big fan of milkshakes, energy drinks, and lager. His favourite though is without a doubt tea. A strong tea in the morning is all Dusk needs.

Favorite color(s):Edit

Black, white and Green.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A grey wolf with messy, medium-length hair. Dusk has heterochromia, resulting in one eye being green, whereas the other is blue. Tall and absurdly thin (considering the amount he eats), Dusk is typically seen in baggy jeans, a black shirt, and usually a large brown Duster. His shoes are battered and usually loose black and white sneakers.


Dusk carries little enough with him that it can either be kept in his Duster, or in one of many pockets on his ballistic vest.

Combat Knife: A well-tempered, well-maintained combat knife given to him by Brom, Dusk is careful never to lose it. Though originally the handle was hollow and contained a survival kit, Dusk removed the blade from this handle and refitted it with a solid one with a better grip.

Survival Kit: Contained in a small circular tin in his breast pocket, the survival tin contains a pocket of field rations, a compass, a fire-starter, waterproof matches, a mini-signal mirror, a water bag, water-purification tablets, a fishing hook and tackle, and fishing line.

Lighter: Despite not being a consistent smoker, Dusk carries a small black zippo with him at all times. Allegedly it's because he “likes making it go 'click'”.

Modular Detective 2663 Special- 'Automag' Blacktail: Dusk's customized pistol is ridiculously adaptable and useful, its basic firing mode being a semi-automatic, high-calibre magnum shot, with a detachable silencer. The secondary mode includes unfolding a crossbow harness from the gun- this mode has been aptly named the 'gadget bow' and is capable of firing multiple modules, including basic tranq and lethal darts, to grappling hooks and listening devices.

Compact Westin SO-45.: His secondary pistol, and his primary backup weapon is a standardised Compact Model.

Freelance Integral Assault Rifle: Dusk's FLIAR is heavily customized and adapted to his specifications, and fully modular. Supporting a retooled barrel and firing chamber, a larger clip, and a holographic sight Dusk's FLIAR is his primary support weapon on the field.

FL ARMOR Mk IV: Dusk, like all FL members, has a set of this body-armour custom-fitted to his size and standards.


Despite his poor track record with cars, Dusk owns a Cadillac Eldorado, given to him by his father as a gift, and a custom-built motorcycle.



Seth Requiem was born to Catherine and Gabriel Requiem of Elmsbridge, Driscoll. Catherine worked in HiPharm, and so was not around nearly as much as a mother of two should have been, so most of Seth's early childhood was spent with his baby sister and his grandfather, his father constantly working in the garage and deeming such a workspace unsuitable for children. Seth was always a fairly sociable young man and made plenty friends, though to him everyone else seemed very busy and detached. Enthralled by stories of adventure and bravery from his grandfather's days as a member of the Elmsbridge Police Department. For the majority of Seth's youth, his ambition was to follow his grandfather into the PD, until as he grew adolescent and became more aware of his surroundings, he became more disillusioned to the police department and more aware of their growing corruption. Brom only served to strengthen Seth's new-found cynicism, explaining the restrictions and frustration he felt in the job. Seth's childhood friend Blake left to join the United Mercenaries Of North Gradia, and about a week after Brom's death, Seth felt obliged to follow him and seek out his fame and fortune.


Seth's early days in UMONG were tough. Despite learning a lot from his grandfather, Seth was never suited to military drills or training, so the initial learning curve was somewhat difficult. However, with the help of close friends like Blake and later Merku, Seth began to excel and received his first mission- designated DU-5K by UMONG. In the late afternoon of a summers day, Seth and several other mercenaries were sent on a mission with no sanctions- they were dropped into a City in conflict- gang wars were tearing the streets apart, the local militias were helpless. Any attempt to stop the gangs ended in more bloodshed and revenge killings. Each mercenary had their own objective, and after scouting out the area, Seth was to find the gang's hideout and dispatch of them. Placing a plastic explosive beneath the stilts of the warehouse his target were using, Seth high tailed it out of there before sundown and blew the warehouse sky high. Though he looked on with some regret at the many lives he had snuffed out, he firmly believed that this kind of attack would serve as a message to the gangs. Sure enough, with the aid of the other mercenaries, only two of which made it back, the conflict was mostly ended. For the name of the mission, and of course the fact Seth made it out before sundown, he was given the nickname of Dusk by his peers. Though this seemed a little corny to him at first, it soon stuck and he became rather acceptant of his new identity. It seemed he was finally making a name for himself.

Further contractsEdit

Dusk moved from contract to contract after this, mostly Peace-keeping, private investigative and security details around the continent. Dusk became a somewhat keen traveller, picking diverse contracts when applicable. Blake was seized up by a scout for Chainlink, and left to join the world-famous PMC, and Dusk continued somewhat grudgingly his time in UMONG, waiting for an interesting case. Then Dusk got a call. Due to a kneecapped partner, White Highwind needed a replacement.

The CaseEdit

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To ChainlinkEdit

Following his time as White's partner, Dusk returned to his home to find a letter addressed from Blake. Blake informed his old friend that he had arranged for a try-out for Dusk at Chainlink. Obviously, the young mercenary couldn't have been happier, and after servicing all of his weapons, he set off to the pick-up point. An impressive looking APC carried Dusk and the few other hopefuls to the Chainlink headquarters, where after a quick medical test they were sent for initiation. Surprisingly, Dusk passed the initial field tests, which had a projected 65% failure rate. Along with the few others who had made it, and several rookie Chainlink members like Blake who were being assessed on their command skills, the recruits were dispatched to provide assistance with an insurgent faction in Cedra. Overall the conflict lasted half a week, with few casualties either side. In the midst of the fighting Blake went missing, and Dusk disobeyed direct command to search for his friend, finding him cornered and weapon-less with a broken leg. After dragging Blake back to base, Dusk was commended for his bravery, but as the conflict drew to a close, this direct act of 'heroics' was determined to be foolhardy and reckless, and Dusk failed the initiation. Upon returning home, he continued his work in UMONG, irritated at his loss, but equally determined to make something of himself. Then one day, he got a call from White Highwind.