Light Tsukino
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Name Light Tsukino
Species Moondrop
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 25th 2648
Birthplace Isle of Hope


Abilities & AptitudeEdit

(1). Psychokinesis (Telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, illusion, etc.)

(2). Flexibility

(3). Acrobatic skills

(4). Dynamic physical abilities and skills

(5). Fast Runner

(6). Hacking and Computer knowledge

Physical techniques: (1).

Fighting skills: Light was trained in some fighting skills by a father, and since she was little she has been into gymnastics; making her flexible and dynamic in physical abilities. Mixing it all together, she was able to create her own unique fighting style using her gymnastics and several fighting disciplines.

Mental techniques: (2).

Psychokinetic skills: Psychokinesis is the 'umbrella term' under which are various abilities related to mental powers. Some abilities require extensive focusing and a developed mind to perform. The ablities Light is proficient in are Telekinesis, Levitation, Telepathy, Illusion, Psychic-Healing and some other small abilities.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and this movement can be micro or macro. The bigger the object is, the harder it is to move it. Telekinesis also allows lifting, agitating, vibrating, spinning, bending, breaking or impacting and object deformation. This skill is Light's most basic ability, and she can use it proficiently without any problems, depending on the object size. Another skill Light can use easily is levitation, which is different from telekinesis. Levitation allows the user to lift objects, but cannot distort them. This skill permits self-levitation, which means the user can fly.

Telepathy is a skill that Light barely uses since it's much harder to perform. It allows her to transfer information through the thoughts and feelings of other people's minds.

A skill even harder to perform than Telepathy is that of Illusion. Illusion is a complex technique that consumes a great amount of energy. It interferes with the victim's nervous system to create illusions.

Psychic Healing is pretty self-explanatory, though is equally as taxing. It allows her to heal allies biologically.

Some small skills referred to are the Energy Shield, which creates a light psychic barrier, capable of low-grade protection, Teleportation, that allows her to be teleported or to teleport objects to another place (however, this skill is difficult to perform and has a very small range, and like Telekinesis is influenced by the object's size.)

Every skill and the ability to perform it is related to Light's state. For example, if Light is at a normal state she performs the skill as described, but if at a high stress level (angry/sad) or very focused, the effectiveness of each skill can increase. On the other hand, if she is injured/feeling weak, the effectiveness of the skill decreases.

Computing techniques (3).

Hacking skills: Due to her passion and profession, Light has fantastic computer skills. Her speciality is hacking into systems,

Weapon techniques (4).

Guns and Extreme Gear skills: Again, as a part of her occupation, Light learned how to use many types of weapons and gadgets. She is usually equipped with a Grappling hook and two firearms- her weapons of choice.


(1). High Pitched Noises can deprive Light of her focusing abilities, severely limiting her mental and psychic ability.

(2). Psychokinetic Suppressors. These block Light from using her powers.

Personal factsEdit


White Highwind

Dice Cavok


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Known RelativesEdit

Zarck Tsukino (father): Light's father worked as a secret agent for the Isle of Hope's Hope International Services, better known as the H.I.S. He would infiltrate enemy positions in order to sever communications, steal documents, assassinate key targets and generally keep the enemy disrupted and distracted long enough for his country to take advantage. Though the Isle of Hope isn't very active politically, that doesn't mean it doesn't have its own special activity branch. They rely more on subterfuge than negotiation- being between two major continents does that to a country- should one country decide the other needs to be attacked, Hope would be in the crossfire and would have been a brilliant staging ground for an assault on the opposite country. Thus, Hope uses their agents to make sure they know all of the secrets its neighbours keeps- so if they are planning an invasion, they can come up with a good defence, as well all delay and maybe even prevent said invasion. As a secret agent, Zarck couldn't reveal his job to anyone- the only person who knew about his true job was his father, Ryozu Tsukino.

Evelyne Tsukino (mother): Evelyne was an university teacher- she had studied medicine, and later went on to teach it at Hope University. When she had the time, Evelyne was a dedicated housewife. Evelyn had no idea of her husband's true occupation. As far as she was concerned, he was an office worker.

Ryozu Tsukino (Grandfather): During Light's childhood, her grandfather felt that Light possessed the same developed mind as he did, and thus the same abilities as his- Psychokinetic powers. Since then, he knew he had to teach her how to control those powers, and how to use them. When Ryozu was younger, he had nobody to teach or protect him about his powers, and terrible accidents would happen every now and again. Because of this, he had to learn to control them himself. He wouldn't allow the same to happen to Light.

Likes/Favorite activitiesEdit

Being on the Computer,



Exploring new places,

Watching Horror movies with friends.

Dislikes/Least favorite activitiesEdit

Watching horror movies/scary things alone.

Gourmet of choice:Edit

For appetizers, canapés. For entrées garlic bread, little cheeses or normal bread with butter. For the main course steak served with french fries, fried egg and salad. Spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, pizza or chicken korma

Beverage of choice:Edit

Cola, Coffee,

Caramel Frappuccino,

Mango Ice Tea,

Favorite color(s):Edit

Black, White, Pink and Lime Green

Physical AppearanceEdit

(1). Coarse close-lying Purple fur

(2). Peach skin muzzle, inner ears, arms/hands.

(3). Large eyes with lime green irises, black pupils and glassy white sclera

(4). Purple eyelids with two thick eyelashes on each.

(5). Peach skin upright-oval marking on tummy/chest

(6). Triangular, constantly alert and perked ears

(7). Small black and shiny nose

(8). Long golden hair that goes a little further down the back. The fringe is long and can cover the eyes.


(1). A pair of black (on top) and white (in the palm) fingerless gloves, backed by large and pink sock-like cuffs, with pink rings. Has a lime ornament that glows

(2). A pair of black and white accessories, worn on the arms that has a zipper

(3). A black t-shirt

(4). Pink boots with white stripe accents and a zipper. White metal soles with lime green ornaments that glow and white collars on top that has a black ornament on the back and a lime glowing accent

(5). Black pair of accessories worn on the knees, with a pink belt

(6). Black undies/bra

(7). Black skintight shorts

(8). White mini skirt with a pink stripe

(9). A pink zipper vest with white accents. The vest has a white hood and it has black ornaments on both frontal sides

(10). A black belt that can hold misc. objects like guns, grappling hook, etc.


(1). 'Lightweight' Blacktail

(2). Semi-Automatic Rifle

(3). Grappling Hook


(1). None in particular


(1). Magical Battle (Extend Version ~ Strings Version)



Light is the only child of Zarck Tsukino and Evelyne Tsukino.

When Light was 3 years old she didn't go to the preschool since her grandfather didn't work and could take care of her. Light's grandfather had influence in this decision, with this he would have more time to train Light on how to control her powers. During this time and until she would turn 5 she used to play a lot like any other kid, and spend loads of time with her grandfather so he could teach her the ways of psychokinesis. Ryozu would never leave Light's side because anything could make her do something accidently.

At the age of 5, Light started going to the elementary school (1st grade to 4th grade). When Light joined school, she had the option to enter into any of the clubs avaible there. Her parents thought that it would be good for her to join a sports related club, that's why she joined the gymnastics club. During this time Light could contain her powers inside without letting them out, but she didn't really master any techniques, but soon she would learn how to use levitation by herself. From then on her grandfather started teaching her how to use other abilities. When Light was 6, her parents offered her, her first computer. When she got the computer she was really happy, and would spend many time in front of it playing video games and playing with other software.

Light entered the middle school (5th grade to 9th grade) when she was 9 years old. During this period not only her powers were already good, but she was also pretty good in gymnastics. Light had mastered how to use levitation and micro telekinesis, and her grandfather had explained the the basics on about how to use other skills like Illusions. Messing with computers was a hobbie that Light had find really interesting, she started doing this after getting tired of just playing video games and with different software, so she got into opening the computer to see what was inside. She was dazzled with all the components and wanted to learn more about it. So she started buying magazines and books so she could understand what was going on inside the computer. After some time she would also get books about how other systems worked, and from then on she started exploring everything else.

Highschool (10th grade to 12nd grade) was the next step in Light's education, she was 14 years old when she entered highschool. Light's training was still going on and she was still on the gymnastics club. As Light started growing as a teenanger her thinking started to change, and she would always try using her powers to make things easier for her, even though her granfather had always thaught her not to use her abilities like that. After getting so many books about computers and other kind of systems Light started a research for self learning about hacking. She knew that this could be dangerous for her and that it was illegal so she didn't go too long on this research, she was just curious about the basics and stopped right before she was busted by her father. On Light's 16th birthday, a tragedy happened, her grandfather was killed right in front of her while they were training, killed by a sniper, Holly Raynor. Holly's objective was to get rid of any person that was related to Zarck, this because Zarck had some of Carnwath, one of the neighbors countries, devious secrets, and to make sure that there was no information leak they had to eliminate all of his family and friends. When Holly was about to shoot Light Zarck jumped right in front of Light protecting her, being shot on his arm but being able to save Light. Seeing this the sniper knew that Zarck had knowledge already of his location, so he flee without leaving any trace. With this Light's father had to tell his family the truth about his real job, so he could protect them. This was when Light, enraged about what had happened, and wanting revenge on the sniper that had killed her grandfather, asked her father to train her so she could avenge him. Light's mother didn't want Zarck to do this, because it could be dangerous for Light, but he though that it would actually be better if Light knew how to fight back so she could protect herself. He thought that both her powers and gymanst abilities combined would make it easier and fast, but Light refused to use her powers because of what her granfather had always taught her. Light's dad was unhappy with what she had said, but still decided to train her. He took both Light and Evelyne to an hidden shelter where they could be safe and protected from any threat. This shelter had a design common to nucular fallout shelters, having enough room for the family to stay safe and comfortable. HIS also provided a caretaker who would shop for the family to avoid exposing themselves.

Light is now 18 years old. After two years of training Light, Zarck taught her some basic fighting moves, how to sneak, and a very little bit of how to handle a gun. During these 2 years Light had resumed her research about hacking. She pretty much knew how to hack into basic systems, her research wasn't too deap because she didn't have the means to do it, but she knew all the theory behind it. Her days were all about training during those 2 years, when she was with her father she would learn how to fight and when she was alone she would investigate on how to hack. And what kept that spirit of learning alive was the revenge feeling she had, that would give her the strenght to keep going on. Also during this time Light made some research on Carnwath and on it's agents, trying to figure out who her target was. She would try destroying Carnwath, but it was way too big for her to do it. So remembering of what had happened on the murder day, Light knew that it had to be a really good sniper to do the job, so she came across a few several names with the skills to shoot at such range, and Holly Raynor was among the list. So all she had to do now, was to investigate each person. Light was pretty much prepared to become a secret agent like her father. With this Zarck contacted HIS and reported everything about Light, telling them how she had grown. Hearing this HIS decided that it would be better if Light was splited from her parents, that way she would be safer, sending her to Blackwick. Zarck still wasn't dead, and that was a job Holly Raynor had to finish. During these two years the family was really well hidden, but the moment Light left the shelter Holly discovered where their shelter was and took this opportunity to kill Zarck and his wife. Holly's plan was pretty easy and couldn't fail, all he had to do was plant some bombs on the shelter at night while they were sleeping, and his job would be done. And that's what he did, he planted C4s and made them explode, killing then Zarck and Evelyne, leaving Light as the last target. Devastaded with the bad news about her parents death, Light didn't know what to do out of her life. At a time like this all she wanted was revenge on Carnwath, more than ever. While reading the report about the accident that HIS had provided, Light learned that the person who had killed her parents was someone with explosives knowledge, because the reports said that the C4s were positioned strategicly. That was the last time she had seen someone or heard from HIS. After Light's parents death they had no more responsibility for Light, leaving her on Blackwick on her own. Alone, all by herself and with no money, Light had to find a way to earn herself some money so she could go on with her revenge. She put 2 and 2 together and tried doing some research again, on a public library and with her hacking skills, on Carnwath agents, this time she was looking for someone with good sniper skills, and explosive skills, and she got a single result, Holly Raynor. Now she knew who her target was. She still didn't have a solution for her lack of money, so again she did a research on Blackwick and what kind of jobs she could do there, and she found some very well hidden advertisements on the internet for organised crimes, the idea didn't sound the best, but the profit would be just what Light was needing.


Fact: Light lives in Blackwick at the time of White's contract at the beginning of the comic series.

Fact: She has a few organised crime links, where her computer skills aid illegal methods easily

Fact: White meets her during a robbery and decides to hire her to help track down Luis Longotti.