This is a list of minor characters in the Freelance Universe. This section is saved for characters who are noteworthy, but not substantial enough to hold an entire page.


Name Douglas Keaton
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth 19/04/2495
Birthplace Republic of Gradia

Douglas KeatonEdit

Douglas Keaton was Police Chief Inspector of the Blackwick City Police Department, during the time that the Law of Mutual Protection came into action. He led the case against the Soldiers of Peace, a terrorist organisation who opposed the new law. He successfully managed to disperse the organisation, which in turn paved the way for the mercenary trade to flourish. After realising that his actions had made the world a worse place, that the organisation he had fought against were right all along, he became an alcoholic for many years before hanging himself in his apartment.


Name Tyrone Chester
Species Tiger
Gender Male
Date of Birth 01/03/2655
Birthplace Republic of Gradia

Tyrone dah TigahEdit

Tyrone was a tiger, or "Tigah" as he is often heard saying, who was quietly obsessed by Freelance. He often wtried to approach White in order to ask him if he could join Freelance, to which he was always denied, given the reason that he had no special qualities that were needed, though the truth was that White found Tyrone incredibley annoying. This is because Tyrone's appearance is whitetrash. He sports a white hoodie, sunglasses and a golden tooth, and speaks with a yobbish accent. He also appears to have a self-inflated ego, saying is catchphrase, "I am dah Tigah!" just once too many times.

However, one should not dismiss Tyrone as a complete idiot. Despite his ego, he is capable of some incredible stunts. He has incredible strength and dexterity, easily capable of leaping from rooftop to rooftop, throwing humans across rooms, running at high speed on all fours, he a force not to be meddled with, despite what one may initally think.