Name Matthew Kaplan
Species Fox
Gender Male
Date of Birth 05/04/2645
'Birthplace Waterfront Palms, South Gradia


When White first meets Kaplan, he is friendly and idealistic young man with a gift for computers. Since they join at the same time, White and Kaplan become close friends (and in White's case, his very first). During his term, Kaplan is exposed to most of the horrors of the world. Oddly, rather than embitter him like Drake, he appreciates life all the more and continues to aid everyone he can in order to extend it.


Matthew was the middle child of a family of four, his older brother being a techician for a major office supplier and his younger brothers still in education. Dispite being the middle child, he enjoyed a loving family and an upper-middle class upbringing. Matthew had previously worked as a secretary for his fathers law firm, but found the job to be very dull.

At the time, a local mercenary group named The Screaming Tide where recruiting for a new communications unit to help establish civillian communications in war torn countries, and was strictly none combat. Unfortunately, The Tide was bought out by the VMC and Kaplans contract was assigned to Arnold Baker's special combat platoon. While still staying mostly out of reach, Kaplan occasionally has to defend himself. To compliment his technological skill, Kaplan also has a very high first aid grade, making him very good in a support role.

After VMC

After leaving the VMC, Kaplan pretty much stuck with Drake, drifting through various Mercenary Companies. Kaplan seems to have less qualms about killing, but still seems to be very reluctant to do so.

Time with FreelanceEdit

In the late 70's, Kaplan joins Freelance as a radio operator and main mission control.