Due to the World Treaties established during the famous Peace Of The World 2891 meeting at Outreach, it is now banned for a single counrty to control a millitary force that can threaten it's neighbors. Due to this, a mercenary culture has emerged to fill in the role of a standard army. Mercenaries fill many roles.

They may be hired as private investigators, assassins, couriers, bodyguards and even soldiers in a standing army. Therefore each continent has it's own official Mercenary's Guild.

Each shall be listed when encountered.

UMONG- United Mercenaries Of Northern Gradia

This mercenary group dominates the Northwesten continent. It's capital is the UMONG Complex in Blackwick. They take on many jobs and are often used to fuel gang warfare and are usually assigned assassination contracts.

Notable members of UMONG:

 - Marc Lucas (Current CO of the UMONG Complex )

 - Ryan Alexander (Head of Security)

 - Colin "Boxcar" Reynolds (Head of Armaments)

 - Suzanne Dillenger (Lucas' Bodyguard)

 - Lewton (Now assigned to Freelance PMC.)

 - White Highwind (Co-Founder of Freelance PMC.)

 - Dusk Requiem (Co-Founder of Freelance PMC.)