The Gunsmith
Name Felix Joseph Richards, AKA: "The Gunsmith"
Species Weasel
Gender Male
Date of Birth 01/03/2649
Birthplace Republic of Gradia

The Gunsmith, real name Felix Richards, is a renowned gunmaker. He is well known as a relible manufacturer and supply of firearms, and even an exclusive weapon designed, for a little extra cost, at least. He has a kind, friendly manner and nearly always comes across as a friendly, likable person.

Abilities and AptitudeEdit

Gunsmith has no extraordinary abilities, nor much training as a soldier, and little experience with computers, which have a tendancy tofrustrate him. So it might seem that Gunsmith may be largely useless. However, Gunsmith is more of a behind-the-scenes type of guy. As the name suggests, Gunsmith is a maker of guns and other firearms, having been familiar and keen with them from an early age. Training with the art, continuosly practicing, revising, making better models of guns, there is a good chance that Gunsmith is the best gunmaker in the world.

Gunsmith also lost the use of his legs after a dramatic car accident


Gunsmith is not very well trained in combat, and when faced with it, he tends to break down a little bit, much to the dismay of his colleagues. He finds the experience hard to deal with, as seen when he is forced to fight Freelance by mafia leader, Vincent Andreas. However, since being recruited to Freelance permanently, he has slowly managed to adress this issue, mainly due to vigourous training with Jason Pryde, even going so far as to craft himself a Blacktail.

But Gunsmith's weakness stems from the fact that he finds it hard to actually kill a person. It is ironic, therefore, that he has entered a profession where he creates items that do just that. Should Gunsmith ever realise, or rather, come to terms with that fact then the shock of it may just emotionally damage him more than he could deal with.

Personal FactsEdit


  • Bruno Callahan: A rhino from the country of Kentares, Bruno and Gunsmith crossed paths whilst attempting to bring down Rhinotech Corps. as part of a rebellious squad dedicated to that task. Gunsmith inspired Bruno's fondness of revolver weapons, and the two have remained in contact since that incident. Bruno even comissioned Gunsmith to create the Trafalgar for him and his own mercenary clan for him.


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Known RelativesEdit

  • Lance Richards: Gunsmith's brother, the two remain on contact. Whilst Gunsmith took an interest in firearms, Lance took an interest in artillery, however Lance carries no reputation like his brother, wishing instead to keep a steady job with the Gradian Army. Although, Gunsmith did ask Lance to abuse his position to supply him with arms and weaponry, which, when discovered, cost him his job. The two generally get on, but can often be frosty with one another, since Lance doesn't fully agree with his brother's lifestyle.
  • Joseph Richards: Joseph is Gunsmith's father, and the pair do not tend to get on. Joseph outright objects to Gunsmith's lifestyle. When Gunsmith was younger, Joseph taught him all about firearms, sparking his interest in it. However, as Gunsmith got older, he saw that his father was very narrow-minded when it came to the supply of firearms, and thought that the distribution of firearms had to be judged more carefully, more independantly. And so, Gunsmith adopted his alias, opened his workshop, and the rest is history. He has rarely communicated with his father since then.
  • Angela Richards: Anglea was Gunsmith's mother. She was fighting in the Gradian army, but was killed because she lacked ammunition to defend herself. This is what inspired her husband, Joseph, to take a keener interest in supplying troops with weapons.


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Gourmet of ChoiceEdit

Gunsmith has always been very keen on the classic Fish 'n' Chips. In fact, he selected the location of his workshop in Blackwick City because it was near a chippy.

Beverage of ChoiceEdit

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Favourite ColoursEdit

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Physical Appearance Edit

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  • Colt Single Action Army: Gunsmith has always had a 'thing' for revolvers. His beleif is that they are the backbone of a gun, and that if a person can master using that, then their skill is so great that they do not require any other extra features that more recent weapons sport.

Gunsmith Brand WeaponsEdit

Although Gunsmith has made several mainstream weapons in his time, he has gained notoriety designing his own weapons.

  • The Trafalgar: Probably the best well-known Gunsmith Brand Weapon. The Trafalgar is a highly-customisable rifle, with parts that can be freely dettached and re-attached or replaced. The Trafalgar was made for a Mercenary group under the command of Gunsmith's friend Bruno Callahan.
    Main combos for the Tralgar: Assault rifle w/Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Mini Machine Gun, Shotgun, RPG Launcher, Railgun, Tranquiliser Gun, Grappling Hook Gun, Flamethrower, Smartgun, Fatman and Needlegun.
  • Dragonhand: The Drgonhand is a pistol that Gunsmith designed under comission for the Chika Kousotsu clan, who are more adept with swords than firearms. The Dragonhand has the weight distributed differently than other weapons to make it more accessable to those who train vigorously with the sword. White noticed this strange difference when he held it while meeting the clan's leader.
  • Turntabler: The turntabler is an automatic rifle with the magazine's attached to a turntable. When oen magazine is depleted, the turntable spins and the next one is automatically attached. The idea is to allow the user to attach new magazines in their own time instead of being caught off-guard in a firefight. It also allows for maximum use of bullets in magazines, minimising the risk of the user discarding a magazine before using all the bullets inside.
  • D1 "Smokey": The Smokey is essentially a huge 10-guage, pump-action shotgun. The shells contain more gunpowder and more shot for a more devastating attack. To deal with the recoil, it is fitted with a steel-reinforced recoil chamber. Of course, this makes the weapon incredibley heavy, only very strong and experiences soldiers can handle it. It also required a small oil capsule to be fitted, which coats the inner workings of the Smokey when the use pumps the weapon.
  • Cyto 18: The Cyto is a magnum pistol made specifically for Helix Chirality. Designed for easy handling and quick draws.


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