White Highwind
Name White VanMundegarde, AKA: "White Highwind"
Species Arctic Fox
Gender Male
Date of Birth 01/03/2645
Birthplace Chainlink PMC Compound, Landslide, Hauswinterwald


Abilities and AptitudeEdit

VMC Advanced Weaponry Training:

White has been trained to use a lot of specialist weapons employed by the Viridia Mercenary Corps. The most obvious of these being the Benadetto Vindicator. The rarity of these weapons is almost matched by the rarity of mercenaries trained to use them, making White one of the few mercenaries in active service to be trained in their use.

Heightened Accuracy:

Whites already brilliant aim has been enhanced by banned substances developed by Rosehill Medical. This gives him an almost vestigial boost to his aim, but as a side effect, has greatly brightened his eyes.

Instructor Level SCUBA:

Reaching a basic level of diving while under his fathers command, the VMC enrolled White into a specialist naval infiltration program, elevating his SCUBA training to Instructor level. He is the most prominant diver in FL, often choosing to sabotage hostile positions from the water before assaulting, if he has the chance.

Aura of Command:

Being the leader of a mercenary company, White knows how to control his units in any kind of confrontation. His employees are very aware of this and know that if they do what White says, they will have a better chance of living. This makes him both respected and feared, but his commands usually fall on deaf ears if coupled with a different company.

Kaplans Gifts:

White has learned several things from Matthew Kaplan over the long time he has known him. Teaching him Gradian and Anderian as well as some very basic hacking abilities. However, White rarely has the chance to use these abilities since he has more skilled employees in both areas.


Father Complex: Due to his stressful childhood which included gruelling training and cruel taunting by his father, White developed a severe hatred of him. Often, the mere mention of him will cause White to either emotionally seal himself off, or have a violent tantrum.

An Art Lost: While under his fathers tutelage, White was trained in the art of swordplay. However, his talent did not meet his fathers expectations and White was put through even more gruelling training regimes. Out of this, White has developed a hatred of long blades. He will fly into a bezerker rage at anyone who dares attempt to wield one at him.

Personal FactsEdit


Matthew Kaplan: A young man White befriended in the Viridia Mercenary Corps. Since White had met him at the age of 19, this makes Kaplan his best and oldest friend (as well as his first). Kaplan originally had a strong bond with everyone in the VMC, but in recent years has developed a stronger bond with White.

Drake Jackson: A crusty veteran in his early-30’s when White first meets him. Drake becomes his mentor early on, teaching him several things he had not learned under his father’s tutelage. Drake often keeps to himself, which makes him seem very foreboding to new recruits.

Lewton: White’s partner in UMONG. While foul mouthed, he is highly intelligent and seems to know many people. In a way, he technically replaces Drake as Whites mentor. Upon the founding of Freelance, White hires him as an intelligence officer due to a knee injury that made Lewton unfit for combat.

Daryl Jackson: The first woman White develops feelings for. She is Drakes little sister, who shares many of her brother’s traits and talents. White encounters her midway into his mercenary career with Freelance.


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Due to the nature of his profession, White rarely encounters someone enough times for them to become a full time enemy. The only person to so far achieve this distinction is [Database Error].

Known RelativesEdit

Kraken VanMundegarde: Whites father. Not a deadly enemy, yet not a rival per se. White loathes his father with a passion for ruining his childhood and forcing his life into one of violence. However, his father is still his father. Therefore White will always refuse to kill him, which disappoints Kraken all the more.


Jazz: White enjoys the mournful and soulful sounds of the saxophone. He has spent at least 5 years practicing this art upon leaving the VMC.

Rain: White finds rain very refreshing. He prefers overcast weather to hot sunny days mainly due to the strain on his eyes the bright summer colours bring. But his heritage is another reason. Being from Hauswinterwald, White is used to cold climates and cool colours.

Blueprinting: Quite a few people have a well of creativity inside them. Some people write novels, still others attempt to draw. White’s creativity seems mostly geared towards the designing and construction of machines and firearms. He finds the logic and creativity soothing and often spends a lot of time alone in his workshop.


Bright, Sunny Weather: White prefers overcast weather to hot sunny days mainly due to the strain on his eyes the bright summer colours bring. But his heritage is another reason. Being from Hauswinterwald, White is used to cold climates and cool colours.

Ego: Another effect from his father. Krakens ego gave White major self esteem problems when he was younger. In more recent times, this has made White distrusting of those who think too highly of themselves. He will usually respond with either silence, or abuse.

Gourmet of ChoiceEdit

White has no fixed favourite food, but his favourites seem to be quickly prepared meals like noodles, or microwave burgers.

Beverage of ChoiceEdit

White has three favourite drinks:

- Coffee

- Water

- VJolt Energy Drinks

Favourite ColoursEdit

White likes very cool and calm colours, but has no fixed favourite.

Physical Appearance Edit

White is of a very slender, athletic appearance. He stands around 5”10 and weighs in around 8-9 stone. His hair is either loose or tucked up in a brown leather bandanna. A recurring piece of clothing for him are his red glasses, which are mostly there to shade him from the sun and to hide his brilliant blue eyes.


Due to Whites job description, he often works with a wide variety of weapons. There are several he uses often, however.

Benadetto Vindicator: White’s primary firearm from the VMC. Requires specialist training to use. An SAW fitted with motion/thermal sensing apparatus that controls the targeting system from a harness the operator wears. They are now defunct, due to the weapons cumbersome nature and high maintenance cost.

Whitetail: Whites own modified Blacktail, despite designing the original blacktail, White saved the best for himself. Using a similar thermal/motion detecting apparatus found in the Vindicator, White had developed a compact tracking system that could slot onto his blacktail. In order to work 100% effectively, White had to undergo a lightweight harness graft under the skin of his left forearm.


White uses many vehicles, very few are used more than twice.


Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven



White was born into the VanMundegarde family to Mellissa and Kraken on the first of March, 2645. His birth was premature and Mellissa died in childbirth. His father went through a state of depression, fearing the loss of his child as well as his wife. Thankfully, White proved to be a fighter and survived childbirth three weeks later.

Kraken came from a proud military background and naturally wanted his son to follow in the same footsteps. The VanMundegardes had owned a PMC named Chainlink for over 80 years before Whites birth, so Kraken trained his son from birth to replace him, as his father had done with him.

From the age of 7, White was put through gruelling training regimes, many days lasted 20 hours, with only 4 hours of sleep. Kraken was delighted to see his son had a highly accurate natural aim and increased it with experimental drugs supplied by now defunct Rosehill Medical.

However, Whites training hit a snag at the age of 17. Kraken had tried for years to teach White how to use a sword. While White had grasped the basics, as well as some very advanced moves, his swordfighting standard was a lot lower than his other standards. This enraged Kraken and as a result, the training intensified.

Finally bleeding and broken in spirit, White had had enough with his fathers selfish tyranny. He cracked his fathers personal safe and absconded with little over 500,000 Vilaas. White lived off this money for two years under the new name of Highwind. Unfortunately, Chainlink had tracked him down and turned him over to the Viridia police. White was found guilty of stealing and was given a three year tour with the VMC as punishment.